How to Conduct a
Couples Relationship Enhancement® Program:

A Video-based Home Study Program

Bernard G. Guerney, Jr., Ph.D.
Rob Scuka, Ph.D. and Mary Scuka, CPC, CREPL

This video-based home study program is appropriate for:

  • Learning how to conduct the Couples’ Relationship Enhancement® Program and becoming an Authorized Couples Relationship Enhancement®Educator/Leader
  • Advanced Training
  • Those already trained in Relationship Enhancement® Therapy

For those wanting to learn how to conduct the Couples RE Program and become an Authorized Couples Relationship Enhancement® Educator/Leader
This innovative and comprehensive home study program makes it remarkably convenient and inexpensive to learn how to conduct the highly praised Couples Relationship Enhancement® (CRE) Program – the same psycho-educational, skills training program that an award-winning meta-analytic study at Purdue University found to be the most effective of twelve major couples relationship programs, and that well-controlled research studies have shown to be effective with highly distressed as well as happy couples.

This home study program is built around a 12-hour, 8-tape video set documenting a CRE Educator Training Workshop. It is an invaluable learning resource because it incorporates a wider variety of teaching methods than is feasible in our usual two-day training programs. In addition to the single-leader format demonstrations conducted by Bernard G. Guerney, Jr., Ph.D., the creator of the CRE program, the two-leader format demonstrations conducted by Rob and Mary Scuka show how a CRE Educator couple or pair of CRE Educators might conduct training demonstrations. These same demonstrations are doubly valuable because they show how a single issue is skillfully discussed from its initiation through its resolution, including the use of Self-Change and Helping-Others Change skills that are used to facilitate reliable behavioral change.

The skills demonstrated include: Empathic, Expressive, Discussion/ Negotiation, Problem/Conflict Resolution, Partner Coaching, Self Change, Helping-Others Change, Generalization, and Maintenance. The video set also includes a demonstration of coaching techniques, including Troubleshooting. This has special value for those who teach CRE to individual couples in addition to or instead of groups of couples.

The home study program also includes 3 hours of telephone skills consultation. We regard the type of distance practice and consultation we provide to be a breakthrough advantage in learning to conduct skill-training programs. So much so, that the telephone skills consultation is a requirement for becoming an Authorized CRE Educator through the home study program. Although other arrangements are possible, the preferred and unique way we do this in the home study program is to have your consultant role-play a couple with you in your phone sessions as you assume the role of the Educator. This assures that a wide variety of situations, specifically geared to the skills you are learning.

Workshop Objectives
Upon completion of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Structure an RE Program for better outcomes, including group processing
  • Present the 10 RE skills effectively
  • Use the Identification Mode of Empathy to help couples deepen their experience
  • Present Conflict Management Skill as a contract between couples
  • Use demonstrations to enhance participants’ learning experience
  • Coach couples’ dialogues effectively

CE Information
20 hours of CE credits are provided to social workers and counselors.
Please note: This homestudy program is NOT available for CE credit for psychologists.

For further information on CE credits, please see Continuing Education Information

The Complete Home Study Program Includes: the 8 DVD set “How To Conduct a Couples Relationship Enhancement® Program: A Video Training Workshop”; a copy of Relationship Enhancement®: A Program for Couples; a copy of the Couples’ Relationship Enhancement® Educator’s Manual; an Educator’s RE Audio Demonstration CD; the “How to Conduct a Couples Relationship Enhancement® Program: Home Study Guide”; and 3 hours of telephone consultation/supervision. The cost is $495.00, plus S/H. To order, please visit our Bookstore.

For Those Wanting Advanced Training in RE Program Leadership
The 8-tape video set that serves as the foundation of the home study program described above also constitutes a valuable resource for therapists who have already attended a 3-day RE Couple / Family Therapy Skill-Training Workshop. For those already so trained, the video demonstrations will deepen, enrich and amplify your knowledge and skillfulness in conducting RE Therapy – and will give you a permanent video record to consult in the future when the need arises. The cost of the 9-tape video set, including an outline of their contents is $245.00, plus S/H. To order, please visit our Bookstore.

For Those Already Trained in Relationship Enhancement® Therapy
Professionals already trained in RE Therapy may choose to use this video-based home study program to make the transition from offering RE Therapy to also offer the RE Program as an educational experience for couples in either a weekend or a multi-week format.