This two-day skills training workshop provides therapists a comprehensive introduction to the theory and methodology underlying the RE Model and teaches participants how RE Therapy is conducted with couples and families, beginning with the intake interview and proceeding through all the phases of RE therapy.

This two-day skills training workshop provides clinicians a comprehensive introduction to Child-Centered Play Therapy and teaches participants the principles and techniques for conducting all aspects of CCPT with children, from intake through termination.

APT Approved Provider 95-009.

This special one-day advanced workshop is for those who have had previous training in Child-Centered Play Therapy (CCPT) and who desire to augment and solidify their knowledge and skills in the method.

APT Approved Provider 95-009.

Filial Family Therapy, which research has demonstrated to be the single most effective form of play therapy, teaches parents how to conduct therapeutically oriented play sessions with their own children. This 2-day training requires previous training in CCPT and teaches clinicians the principles and techniques for conducting FFT with parents.

APT Approved Provider 95-009.

Each year in the Spring NIRE hosts a 2-day conference devoted to special topics relating to RE Therapy and Filial Family Therapy. This is an opportunity to explore new therapeutic horizons and to connect with fellow clinicians in the RE and Filial community.

This two-day skills training workshop provides parent trainers with generic leadership skills to conduct effective parent education programs. Based on Louise Guerney’s Parenting: A Skills Training Program, this workshop will also increase clinicians’ ability to deal with parenting issues in their individual clinical work with parents and children.

This two-day training workshop prepares participants to lead the Couples RE Educational Program and other RE programs. The training is open to mental health professionals and qualifying non-professionals and emphasizes the building of participants’ program leadership skills.

NIRE offers two innovative and comprehensive video-based home study programs, one on How to Conduct RE Therapy with Couples and Families and a second on How to Conduct a Couples RE Educational Program. These home study programs serve as a substitute for those who may not be able to attend the equivalent live two-day training workshops.

Additional Resources

NIRE offers on-site trainings to mental health organizations in RE Therapy, CCPT, Filial Family Therapy, the Parenting Skills Program, and the Couples RE Educational Program. This can be a cost-effective way to train multiple staff within a single agency, or advertised to a group of agencies in your area to spread out the cost.

This international directory of RE providers is a state-by-state (and foreign country) listing of mental health professionals and lay educators who are either authorized or certified by NIRE to conduct Relationship Enhancement® Therapy or lead the Relationship Enhancement® Program.

Information about formally recognized Relationship Enhancement® Centers or Institutes

Comprehensive Bibliography of the literature and research on Relationship Enhancement® Therapy, Enrichment, and Problem Prevention Programs for Individuals, Families, and Organizations, including Filial Family Therapy

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