Other RE Centers and Institutes


If you would like to locate a Relationship Enhancement® Couple or Family Therapist, a Child-Centered Play Therapist or a Filial Family Therapist through a formally recognized Relationship Enhancement® Center or Institute, you may contact one of the following:

  • National Institute of Relationship Enhancement®
    Kensington, MD 20895
    Bernard Guerney, Jr., Ph.D., Institute Director
    Robert F. Scuka, Ph.D., Executive Director
    email: niremd@nire.org


  • Center for Relationship Enhancement®
    2323 S. Sheperd Drive
    Houston, TX 77019
    Peter Cousins, Ph.D., Director




You also can look for a Relationship Enhancement therapist or a Mastering the Mysteries of Love Weekend for Couples through our International Directory of RE Providers.

If you cannot find a suitable provider through one of the Institutes above or through the Directory, you can contact NIRE to arrange for an individually-tailored weekend marathon in Relationship Enhancement® therapy, or attend a Mastering the Mysteries of Love Weekend for Couples through NIRE. For information, call 301-680-8977 or email NIRE at niremd@nire.org.