Couples Relationship Enhancement® (RE) Program
Educator/Leader Training Workshop

An award-winning meta-analytic outcome study conducted at Purdue University found The Relationship Enhancement® Program to be the most effective of twelve major couple relationship-strengthening and marriage enrichment programs. This three-day training workshop emphasizes the building of participants’ leadership skills through a process that combines lecture, video, role-playing demonstrations, and intensively supervised skill practice. This training will prepare participants to lead the Couples’ Relationship Enhancement® Weekend and other RE programs. Topics covered include: leadership style, skills for effective leadership, the use of role-play demonstrations to facilitate participant learning, and the supervision of participants’ skill practice sessions.

This training is open to mental health professionals and qualifying non-professionals. However, it is recommended that those wishing to attend this training workshop first attend a Couples Relationship Enhancement® Weekend workshop or a Mastering the Mysteries of Love RE workshop for couples so that you experience the RE Program as a participant. This will give you invaluable experience to understand how others attending the program will experience the program.

Those completing this training become an Authorized Couples Relationship Enhancement® Educator/Leader.

Those desiring to complete this training workshop at home should look into our
Video-based Home Study Program for the Relationship Enhancement® Program

Workshop Objectives 
Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Describe how to lead RE programs effectively
  • Describe how to teach program participants the ten RE skills
  • Describe how to use role-play demonstrations to facilitate participants’ learning
  • Describe how to supervise participants’ skill practice sessions in order to build confidence and improve their skill level
  • Describe how to prevent or resolve all the problems ever likely to arise in a couples’ program
  • Describe how to help couples maximize their benefits from the program after the workshop is concluded


  • Brief overview of History/Theory/Research of RE therapy, problem-prevention and enrichment programs
  • Various RE program formats
  • Demonstrations of how the RE program is introduced and how RE skills are taught
  • Supervised role-play practice of supervising skill practice by program participants
  • How to “troubleshoot” impediments to skill learning
  • How to recruit participants
  • How to link the RE program to practice building
  • Using the RE program to meet the brief-therapy requirements of managed care

Current Training Opportunities

On-Site Trainings
Currently, this Relationship Enhancement® Program Leadership Training Workshop is only being offered on-site as requested by a local agency or other organization. The training workshop is tailored to meet your organization’s or group’s distinctive needs. For more information, please visit On-Site Training Workshops.

Video-based Home Study Program for Parenting: A Skills Training Program
NIRE’s Video-based Home Study Program, How to Conduct a Couples Relationship Enhancement® Program with Bernard Guerney, Jr., Ph.D., is available. The package includes 8 DVDs; a copy of Relationship Enhancement®: A Program for Couples; a copy of the Couples’ Relationship Enhancement® Educator’s Manual; an Educator’s RE Audio Demonstration CD; the “How to Conduct a Couples Relationship Enhancement® Program: Home Study Guide”; and 3 hours of telephone consultation/supervision. The cost is $495.00, plus S/H. To order, please visit our Bookstore.

CE Information
20 hours of CE credits are provided to psychologists, social workers and counselors.
For further information on CE credits, please see Continuing Education Information 

To Arrange an On-Site Training:
Please call 301-680-8977 or e-mail